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Shipping & Returns


-> Shipping Charge

We will ship out your order within a couple of business days.We will write you an email when your order will take more than two days. If you receive no email more than three days, we are afraid your order and or our email might be missing. Please contact us.

We will ship out internationally by EMS or International Postal Packet by Air. Default shipping method is by EMS.We believe EMS is the best way as it is fast and reasonable enough.Because
1. Traceable through EMS website.
2. Guaranteed and Insured (upto 20,000-yen) at free of charge.
3. Delivery time : Only 4 (four) days at fastest or a week at latest after our shipment.
(Required time possibly change according to the destination.)  

We highly recommend you by EMS as above, however we can ship your orders by other methods if you wish.

  • Economy Postal Air Packet "SAL" : This method is not guaranteed and not traceable, but the most economical way.Required delivery time is approx. 2 (two) weeks - 1 (one) month. Sometime more than we expect.
  • Other Postal Service : If the other postal service is required, we gladly ship your order upon your request.
  • FedEx, UPS and or DHL : We are sorry but we do not ship by those carries by PREPAID. If you have FREIGHT COLLECT ACCOUNT No. of those express carriers, we can use them. (Of course, we will not charge any freights for your orders in this case, instead, you have to pay the freights when you received your parcels.) 
  • The costs for merchandises should be paid in advance (before shipment).

Our shipping charge is based on Japanese Postal Service :

Our shopping cargo system will automatically estimate your shipping charge. However, if it would too much or too less than actual one, we will write you humanly an email to fix and revise the order amount.

Thank you very much for your understanding in advance.


We are very sorry to ask you to understand but we are not responsible for any taxes and handling fees outside of Japan. Very rare cases, but the parcels are capable of being caught by spot checks by the custom office.

Return and Exchange Information

Cancellation Before Shipment

  • You can cancel your order anytime before your payment.
  • Even after your payment clearance, you can return or exchange your order according to our "Return and Exchange"policy as mentioned below.
  • If your cancellation was before shipment, we can refund you the total amount of your order including shipping fee for EMS or SAL (or any other shipping fee we charge for the order). However, please understand that this shall not apply to custom made orders.
  • We would like you to understand that we may sincerely and unavoidably ask you to pay for some of expenses as handling fee even if your cancellation was before shipment.

Cancellation After Shipment

Regarding Clothing Items:
We cannot accept returns if the packaging has been opened. Please be sure of sizing before ordering. And we would like to understand that the colours are different according to each computer enviroments.

Non-Clothings items and Un-opened Clothings items:
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our product, we will accept a return for exchange subject to following conditions.
  1. Please notify us to that effect within 7 days after you receive your delivery. (In case of SAL - economy postal air packet - , we will accept within 5 weeks basically) 
  2. The return merchandise should be in "original" condition and packaging. Please mail your merchandise back to us via EMS or USPS (insured mail), postage prepaid, enclosing your packing slip. We would like to receive the package within two weeks after we communicate. If there are any reason to be delayed, please let us know that effect.
  3. We accept a returning for refund in case there are no size you require and or other reasons we communicate.
Please understand that we may ask you some cooperation and/or understandings unwritten above to process an order cancellation.
Thank you.

For more details, 
please contact us.

 Un-deliverable and or Unrecoverable Packages

  •  When the order would be returned by deliverable or receivables occasion, we will refund for the merchandise (or part of merchandise) in case the items are in original condition. We cannot not refund shipping cost Also, please understand that we will charge 5% of the total of merchandise as handling cost and this will be settled when we refund the cost of merchandise.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Shipping Charge

Shipping charge will be added according to the weight of the packing and to the destination (see the chart below). For most orders, shipping charge will be automatically calculated and will be added, but please be noted ;
  • To the countries in Asia, South America and Africa area : we will send you new acknowledgment including shipping charge within two business days.

  • When you purchase multiple items, we might be able to save the shipping weight to some extent. We will send you new acknowledgment including an estimated shipping charge within two business days.

  • We will try to estimate it as accurate as possible. However, we would like you to understand that there's possibly inaccuracy sometime due to availability of packing and boxing.

  • Over estimating 3 and more columns (of grams rate), we will refund the balance of shipping charge. If the actual freight would be more than our estimate, we will pay it.
Weight of Packing in ponds Asia Area North America and Oceania EU South America, Africa
Weight of Packing in grams
up to 500g 1 1,400-JPY 2,000-JPY 2,200-JPY 2,400-JPY
up to 600g 1,540-JPY 2,180-JPY 2,400-JPY 2,740-JPY
up to 700g 1,680-JPY 2,360-JPY 2,600-JPY 3,080-JPY
up to 800g 1,820-JPY 2,540-JPY 2,800-JPY 3,420-JPY
up to 900g 2 1,960-JPY 2,720-JPY 3,000-JPY 3,760-JPY
up to 1000g 2,100-JPY 2,900-JPY 3,200-JPY 4,100-JPY
up to 1250g 2,400-JPY 3,300-JPY 3,650-JPY 4,900-JPY
up to 1500g 3 2,700-JPY 3,700-JPY 4,100-JPY 5,700-JPY
up to 1750g 4 3,000-JPY 4,100-JPY 4,550-JPY 6,500-JPY
up to 2000g 3,300-JPY 4,500-JPY 5,000-JPY 7,300-JPY
up to 2500g 5 3,800-JPY 5,200-JPY 5,800-JPY 8,800-JPY
up to 3000g 6 4,300-JPY 5,900-JPY 6,600-JPY 10,300-JPY
up to 3500g 7 4,800-JPY 6,600-JPY 7,400-JPY 11,800-JPY
up to 4000g 8 5,300-JPY 7,300-JPY 8,200-JPY 13,300-JPY
up to 4500g 9 5,800-JPY 8,000-JPY 9,000-JPY 14,800-JPY
up to 5000g 11 6,300-JPY 8,700-JPY 9,800-JPY 16,300-JPY
up to 5500g 6,800-JPY 9,400-JPY 10,600-JPY 17,800-JPY
up to 6000g 7,300-JPY 10,100-JPY 11,400-JPY 19,300-JPY
up to 7000g 8,100-JPY 11,200-JPY 12,700-JPY 21,400-JPY
up to 8000g 8,900-JPY 12,300-JPY 14,000-JPY 23,500-JPY
up to 9000g 20 9,700-JPY 13,400-JPY 15,300-JPY 25,600-JPY
up to 10000g 22 10,500-JPY 14,500-JPY 16,600-JPY 27,700-JPY
up to 11000g 11,300-JPY 15,600-JPY 17,900-JPY 29,800-JPY
up to 12000g 12,100-JPY 16,700-JPY 19,200-JPY 31,900-JPY
up to 13000g 12,900-JPY 17,800-JPY 20,500-JPY 34,000-JPY
up to 14000g 13,700-JPY 18,900-JPY 21,800-JPY 36,100-JPY
up to 15000g 14,500-JPY 20,000-JPY 23,100-JPY 38,200-JPY
up to 16000g 15,300-JPY 21,100-JPY 24,400-JPY 40,300-JPY
up to 17000g 16,100-JPY 22,200-JPY 25,700-JPY 42,400-JPY
up to 18000g 40  16,900-JPY 23,300-JPY 27,000-JPY 44,500-JPY
up to 19000g 17,700-JPY 24,400-JPY 28,300-JPY 46,600-JPY
up to 20000g 44  18,500-JPY 25,500-JPY 29,600-JPY 48,700-JPY
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