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Juzu, Nenju, Buddhist rosary, Natural Wood Beads used


Material : 22 Natural Wood beads (Mulberry), Silk 100% Tassel, Brown Quartz (morion),
For gentlemen as the beads would be bit larger than for female use.

Mulberry is fed to Silkworm which bring you fortunes of silk.So Mulberry Tree had a God Tree in acient china.In japan, old Japanese chanting "kuwabara, Kuwabara", which is believed to get thunderstorm away and or to get calamity away from us,is written as "Mulberry fields". This comes from an old story of Ogre of Thunderstorm promised they won't fall thunder and lightnings to Mulberry fields after a battle with Strong Prince.

For your information : traditionally and or generously;

1. It is better to be held by your left hand.Because your right hand is for Buddah and right hand is for yourself. To protect yourself, hold the Juzu on your left hand.
2. Also, when you do "gassho" do not wrap both hands by the Juzu. It means you are "now" with Buddha - after death. So please take the Juzu on your left and and just put your right hand on the left wrapped by a Juzu.
3. You cannot borrow the Juzu, Juzu is for yourself only.
4.Ideally, burnable Juzu would be nice as Japanese funeral is held by a cremation.

This is the most common way. But when your joined Buddhist stream has any special instructions, better to follow them.

Tag : Buddhist rosary, prayer rosary, Buddhist prayer, Zen, Juzu, Zazen, bukkyo,shinbutsu

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