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Tenugui "Kachimushi" "Dragonfly" "Sign of Victory"


Tenugui is Japanese traditional handkerchief used multiply, such as handtowel(handkerchief), head bandana, wrapping tool.
Material : Cotton 100%。。
Why inexpensive?: The printing method and for cotton quality. This series is bit tough and rough texture than good quality Tenugui. This is good enough when you use this as wrapping tool, or for headband or head cap.

color : white Dragonfly on darkblue
Measurement :length 100cm

Traditional Pattern "Tonbo/Tombo" is called "Kachimushi" in old Japanese. This is from the sound of buzz of them, "kachi, kachi". The "Kachi" is same sound of "victory". That is why Samurai, Bushi loves this pattern.We wish the Tenugui will bring you more victories!

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