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Jinja props, Buddhism, Buddhist items, For Doujou Dojo with Kamidana Shrine.

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hannyashingyou Sensu, Hannyashingyou fan

hannyashingyou Sensu, Hannyashingyou fan

Silk look Synthetic 100% , 22cm (rim length) The Shingyou, the heart sutra is printed on fan face.The other is solid color. Color : Purple (Dark...


Singyou, Hannyashingyou, shingyo, hannyashingyo ネフシ譱エキミ,

Singyou, Hannyashingyou, shingyo, hannyashingyo ネフシ譱エキミ,

Tenugui : as a hand towel,a handkerchief and as a bandanna. Han-nya-shin-gyou is main sutra in Buddhism. It is called as The Heart Sutra as well....


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