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Kimono & Haori for Gentlemen

Kimono is very ordinary and traditional costume of Japanese culture. You can wear it both in casual and in formal occasion. Our Kimono is made from synthetic silk, easy to take care. We have Kimono with lining and without lining. Actually we have a kind of rules when we wear Kimono with liner or without liner.But we believe choices are depending on you. You can wear Kimono with Hakama by dressing shorter. Underwear such as Han-Juban (or Naga-Juban), Suteteko (or Susoyoke skirt) are worn under Kimono. Haori is a jacket for Kimono (and Hakama style).

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White Hakamashita Kimono (Short Kimono for Hakama) Rinzu

White Hakamashita Kimono (Short Kimono for Hakama) Rinzu

Riznu (pattern woven)fabric used.Looks bit glittering by the weaving. Material : Polyester 100% This item will go with Date-eri (decorative Eri...

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White Tabi for Kimono (TOMI) w/4cl

White Tabi for Kimono (TOMI) w/4cl

White Tabi is the most formal and standard sock for Kimono. But in casual scene, you can wear black or dark blue one. It might be much cool. The...

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